The Countdown

The city spread out wide, consuming the valley below us. The hazy smog hung low obscuring our view of the “New Flower”. This city that has been my home for the last month reminded me of the wilted, brown petals of a flower that had once flourished, but now struggles to regain the beauty of the past. As I sat atop Entoto, far above the noise and commotion of the city, I reflected on the events of this past month.
It has certainly been an adventure. I feel as if we’ve just been along for the ride, as God’s work seemed to unfold all around us. So much was accomplished in so short a time and we can claim very little of it. We had some meetings and made some plans, but progress was made unexpectedly and way ahead of our plans. Everything just seemed to fall into our laps. We now have a site for a drop-in center for street kids, contacts to multiple NGO’s who can offer guidance as CHE grows, examples of policies and documents from similar ministries to use as templates, additional staff ready to hire, a plan and timeline for start-up of an Agricultural Project, and invitations for me and Jess to stay and work on three different Ag. Projects this summer.
Thank you all for joining with us on this adventure. You have been just as much a part of it as we have. Your prayers and encouragement helped to make all of this happen.
We are now in the final countdown to the close of this trip, but the adventure is just beginning. So much progress has been made, but for it to continue we’ll need each and every one of you to join with us.
Even though I’ll be home and able to share with you face to face I’ll continue to post here to keep everyone updated on what’s happening with CHE, the Ag. Project, our plan for this summer, and whatever else crosses my mind. So stay tuned.

See ya soon,

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