Home Sweet Home

There truly is no place like home. Never do we appreciate all of the things that we take for granted more than when we leave.

I came back just in time. The first hints of spring are just beginning to show. This is one of my favorite times of the year. It is a time of anticipation and change. The elms are laced with gold and the maples drenched in crimson as they open their buds. The peepers and chorus frogs call out from every woodland puddle. The trout lilies and crane fly orchids paint the forest floor with splashes of green. Over the next few months the season will continue to progress in an ever increasing progression of sounds and colors until it reaches its climax right around the time that Jess and I are packing our bags to leave again.

 I was torn as I left Addis. It was such a productive trip and so much is happening with CHE. There is a lot more work to be done there. So there was a part of me that wanted to stay. However, there was bigger part that craved to be home and to be with my family and friends once again. I look forward to meeting with all of you during the short time that I am home. I am compelled to open peoples eyes to the plight of those helpless, neglected, abused little souls that wander the harsh streets of Addis. Please gather your friends, your families, your churches, your workmates, anyone with compassion in their hearts so that we can share these things with them. CHE is growing fast and needs lots of support. Please contact me if you would be interested in hosting a presentation or fundraiser.



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