Isn’t it amazing how a single event can totally change your perspective. Our family has been under lots of stress lately, especially mom and dad. Most of the stress is from good things and it is mostly self imposed.  Wedding plans are underway for Jerry. Joe has a baby on the way. Jess and I will be making our way to Ethiopia in under a week. We’ve been worrying over things like whether our suits for the wedding will have 3 buttons as opposed to four and where to store all of the junk that we have accumulated. Then, in the blink of an eye, we realize how trivial it all is.  

As I entered mom and dad’s house this afternoon I could tell immediately that something was wrong. A person has a certain tone of voice when they speak to someone who is upset. Dad had that tone as he spoke to mom on the phone. Mom had rushed away from the dinner that she was preparing after Grandma Gregson (her mom) called her barely able to speak from the pain that she was in. She had fallen and broken her hip. As I write this she is on her way to Moore County Hospital where they plan to perform surgery. However, due to the heart trouble that she’s had in recent years her heart may not be strong enough for the operation.

As you read this please pray for strength and healing for my Grandmother, for a sense of peace for mom, and for all of us to stop getting caught up in ourselves and focus on more important things.


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  1. We are blessed indeed, Jonathan, thank you so much for such sensitive thoughts and words. As we as a family seek to serve our Lord trials and tribulations will come our way as in this world we all will face, Jesus told us so to prepare us. I would trade places this instant to bear this pain for my mother, if only I could it would be so much easier to bear! My heart breaks and rejoices at the same time. I am torn to be with you and Jess as you prepare to leave, I have joy that you serve our Lord selflessly and yet I must let you go away from me to do so so I to must be selfless as well. We do h ave so much joy in our family from the lLord and yet we struggle with every day life as well. I pray I show you and the world that Jesus gives me truely peace that passesth all understanding on the inside, even if on the out side my heart may seem to be broken. I know Jesus loves you and Jess far more that I could even imagine, that is my peace as i see you and Jess leave tomorrow and my joy is that you serve our risen savior. there is no greater calling! always my love and prayers! mom

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