änd samint (one week)

We apologize for not posting sooner, but this first week we have been getting settled in, busily going around Addis and practicing our Amharic. We are staying at the Win Souls for God guesthouse in a section of Addis know as Sherameda. Our room is really nice and the folks who run the house are wonderful. The only problem with where we are staying is where it is. We spend most of our time in a section of Addis known as Mexico and often we go a little farther to Sarbait. Mexico and Sarbait are close to one another but neither is close to Sherameda. We spend a lot of time on crowded taxi buses and in order to be able to get a taxi bus home in the evening we cannot stay out too late with friends.

We were due to start Amharic lessons today but our teacher must have been delayed getting back from the countryside so it looks like we will be starting lessons later. Jonathan is doing really well speaking Amharic, he remembers a lot from his visit in January.

Saturday we got to see the kids at the compound for their usual Saturday Program. All of the beneficiaries of CHE are in school and on Saturday they do additional lessons and play games. It is a good chance for them to keep up with their weekly lessons and not spend the day on the street. Also there are some future beneficiaries that come on Saturdays and for them it is the only time they receive schooling. All of the children are very smart and loving. Jonathan and I are always overwhelmed with hugs and kisses.

For the next few weeks that we are in Addis we will be focusing on learning Amharic. Jess will be working with Emibet on her English. On Saturdays and after the drop in center starts on May 10 Jess will also be teaching the children English.

The Drop-In Center is set to officially welcome it’s first group of children on May 10. These children are on the street day and night. With the opening of the Drop-In Center they will have a place to come during the day. Please be in prayer for the children, CHE staff and us.




  1. Good Morning Jonathan and Jess,

    So good to hear from you this morning, I was really wanting to talk with you yesterday. Joe called on Saturday and said he had talked to you and wondered if we had. So since then I have expected a call. Yesterday i called Karyn to see if they had the #. So I wait for Joe to call me back with the phone #. But what a blessing I received to open up this to hear such good report of you both. How exciting to be used by GOD!!
    I am at the hospital and Gramma is back in surgery this am, pray for her healing and God’s comfort. it is a difficult time. she fell out of bed after getting to rehab and has a new compression fx. and teh neuosurgeon is fixing it this am due to so much pain. her hip is doing well but alot of pain with therapy. dad and I love you both so very much and we pray for you without ceasing!!

  2. Hi ya’ll!

    Glad to hear all is well and you’re getting settled in nicely. Keep us posted on what’s going on. Our prayers are with you! I’ll be sure to send you some pictures of the “garden” soon. Interesting “developments” taking place already! Take care–Bill

  3. Hey Jon and Jess, It sounds like the both of you are having a wonderful time in africa! I know its a little late to be telling yall this but I got Baptized on Sunday May 4th. It was a wonderful day and wish that you two were there, but I know you’re in africa! Well- I hope to talk to you two soon! See ya till then,


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