No Place Like Home

It takes a couple of weeks for things to really sink in. At first it’s all new and exciting. Novelty has a way of making even the unpleasant things seem interesting. As the newness wears off and the realization of the overwhelming odds that we work against sets in we find ourselves missing home more and more.

It seems like we spend every night back in Deep River as we sleep. We dream of all of the familiar faces and places. Just the other night Jon played basketball at the church and before that we took a nice walk down Deep River Rd., walking the dogs and waving at passers by. Last night Jess was back at work at San-Lee Park.

We have started to realize all of the things that we enjoy so much this time of year and that we’ll be missing. This is the time of year that is so exciting in the garden. The seeds that were planted just weeks ago are just starting to really grow strong. We left just before the strawberries hit their prime. The blackberries and blueberries will be ready in about a month. Thank the Lord that we will be back in time to enjoy sweet corn and watermelon.

Of course these things pail in comparison to all of the people that we are missing. We have become so attached to our community in recent years. All of the familiar faces that we’ve seen day to day for so long are now replaced by unfamiliar ones. Instead of being part of the community we are now more of a spectacle in a foreign community.

Of course we do have some really good friends here and our work is productive and meaningful, but there truly is no place like home.




  1. I know what you mean about the novelty starting to wear off and starting to miss home. Don’t worry, you’re very normal. Just give it about another month and you’ll start to think of Ethiopia as home too. The stairs will become less noticeable and you won’t be able to think about being without those Abesha without getting upset. I wish I were there with you! I like this blog thing.

  2. You are right, there is no place like home. But truely where is home. Jesus had no home hear on earth when he was your ages! He was about His fathers work. Dad has said it so often to us we are just so-journers through this world, being prepared for our true home, our eternal home with Jesus. Oh what crowns you will have to lay at Jesus’ feet as you leave the comforts of this world to serve him in a foriegn land or here in DeepRiver to care for His children young or old is what He calls each of us to do. “Be strong and of good courage” you will be blessed along the way! Our love and constant prayers,
    dad and mom

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