Walkin’ in Memphis

The first and easiest leg of our journey is complete. Jess and I made it to Memphis, TN on Thursday evening. We travelled with mom and dad. Dad did all the driving, Jess did all the sleeping, mom and I did whatever else there is to do while trapped in a car for 12 hours. Overall it was a nice leisurely trip with lots of rest stops to accommodate the pregnant girl’s bladder.
I never think of Memphis getting cold, but the cold snap that is sweeping across the country is here as well. I could stand a warmer coat. No worries though, in just a few days I’ll be in warm, sunny Ethiopia.
I’m excited to be going back. I’ll get to see our family there and break ground on the Agriculture Project. However, I’m pretty bummed about being separated from Jess.



One comment

  1. I am praying for you all to have a safe journey this day to your respective destinations. It is a beautiful white, snow-falling day here in NC. Jess, have your coat in the car cabin! Be safe, John. We love you all!

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