Batchelor Pad

I was a little too confident in the internet connection here (TIA). It’s been a little discouraging not being able to communicate to everyone back home. Thanks to all of you who have been checking on the blog and posting comments. It’s always encouraging to know that folks are keeping up with me.
It may be apparent from the poor writing on this post that I am pretty worn out. The jet lag wasn’t too bad, but we’ve I’ve discovered a new malady which I have termed “Jack lag”. I’ve had a rude introduction this week to what it’s like to have kids and it’s a bit overwhelming. Jack and I were roomies for the first four days that we were here. Jack is quite the party animal. I might have averaged 3 hours of sleep each night those first days here. One night I just gave up on trying to get him to sleep. We got up and read books and played. Joe ended up coming in and joining us. It was boys night in our room. Jack finally passed out at around 3:00. Joe and I followed shortly afterward.
We’ve split up the parental duties during the day as we’ve tried to balance the demands of childcare with the demands of the leader’s conference. Two of us usually stay at the guesthouse while one goes out with the group for the day. The days are generally exhausting either way. Karen says that I’d be the perfect seratinya (nanny) if I’d only change the diapers. I can feed them, play with them, put them to bed, but I have my limitations.
With the group, we’ve been visiting different organizations that are dealing with issues involving Orphans and Vulnerable Children. We’ve seen some really great models and we’ve been able to share our own model and our experiences. The group is great. We’ve made some great contacts and friends. We’ve also broadened our awareness of many issues and how other organizations are working on them.
I feel like I’m shortchanging you by leaving out so many details on such an eventful week, but between the fatigue and the issues with the internet this is all that I can post now. I had hoped to post more often during our stay at the guesthouse, but the internet connection hasn’t been as good as I had hoped (TIA). I’ll try to catch up and as soon as I can I’ll send Jess some more pictures to post.
Thank you for your prayers,



  1. Hi Jon,

    Great update! Thanks for the tiem and effort to keep us upto date. and thanks for being the nanny for Jack and Mclaine since I can’t be there doing it. Keep up the good work and we pray for sleep for all of you!
    always our love,
    mom and dad

  2. Hi Jon,
    Please give us ALL the details whenever you get the chance. No pressure – as Mom B would say. Just whenever you can make the time. And tell Jack we said to sleep for 8 hours straight tonight! He should Jon if you tell him the greatest Bridges’ couple told him to do so. Hahahahaha……we’re here to bring you laughter. And I’m sure you realize it is Dee writing. Love you Jon, and the rest of the crew too.
    Dee and Jer

  3. Hey Jon,
    What???? Jerry is finally writing to his brother! I was sitting here working on some lesson plans(thats right I have finally started teaching, I have 2 days under my belt), when I thought of Ethiopia. I have been wanting to write but me and the computer do not spend much time together, that is going to have to change! Sorry you can’t post more, it is exhilerating reading what you have so far. I found myself longing to be there with you. Boy do I love looking at the pictures.
    Sorry to hear you are so tired. When are you going to be able to head down to start work on the FARM? I know you are chomping at the bit (as you would say). Do you have another email? If so when you get time send it to me at our email. Hey tell Joe, Karyn, and the kids howdy. Love, Jer

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