URGENT! Your prayers are needed!

There are two premature events occuring today and we desperately need your prayers. The first and least important is my premature departure from Ethiopia. I will be leaving on the first available flight to return home. Of course, this will take much longer than I would like due to communication issues and time zones. The early end to my trip is necessary due to the early arrival of my first child. He is scheduled to be delivered via C-section later this afternoon in the US. It will be tonight here in Ethiopia. As many of you know he isn’t due until May so he will be here a few months early. The reason for this early arrival is preeclampsia, which I know little about other than it is a danger to both Jessica and the baby. Thankfully they are in the hands of some of the best doctors. I have faith that everything will turn out well. I wouldn’t be in Ethiopia right now if I didn’t beleive that God is incontrol of everthing. “All things work to the good of those who love God”.
So I ask all of our family from Africa to the US to lift us up at this time.



  1. Jon,
    Safe return home. Praying for you, Jess, and Dawit that you all will be watched over and that you will all have a happy reunion. We love you guys!-Kris, Jamie and Elizabeth

  2. I will be in prayer with you Jonathan. Preeclampsia
    is a near term problem that involves HBP, edema
    and other things that can be dangerous for the baby and mom. There are good treatments and your wife
    should be in great hands. They will monitor her very closely and intervene when necessary. I hope your
    flight goes smoothly and safely. Send an email when
    you are a Dad and let me know how everything went
    Tom Siler

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