Holding on to Hope

p1050197“When you become a parent it’s the last care free breath you’ll take.” A wise woman once told me and Jess that. We always acknowledged it to be true, but never understood the depth of such a statement until now. Every decision, every action, every step, and yes, every breath we take from now on will affect a very important little guy.
Why is it that we desire parenthood so much? Why do we consider it such a blessing? Even in his current docile state, Dawit is causing us to lack sleep. We drive an hour just to sit idly by his bedside all day, content just to watch each breath he takes. As he grows there will be dirty diapers, tantrums, disobedience, and disappointment. He’s likely to break curfew, lie, and talk back to his mother. He may not share his toys. He may get into fights at school. He’ll poke dogs with sticks. He’ll bring home a bad report card. In spite of all of this each day we look on our little miracle with joy, and admiration, and indescribable love instead of fear, and dread. Why?

Each evening when we leave Dawit for the night we hope for positive news in the morning.  Will he be breathing on his own? Will he be back to his birth weight? When we think of tomorrow we hope for what could be. I think that this is the answer. Dawit for me represents a hope. A hope that tomorrow may be a little better than today. A hope that next week he’ll bring a smile to my face. A hope that each year will be full of change. A hope for future accomplishments. A hope that this world can be a better place. A hope that even after I’m gone life continues on.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:10-12


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