Day by Day

Dawit  February 25, 2009
Dawit February 25, 2009

At 1:30pm on Monday February 23, I sat by Dawit’s bed and counted my blessings.  Ten days prior, at that exact time the world was changed for me and Jonathan.  Since that time we have discussed and rediscussed how often our plans are not what comes to fruition.  Our plan was to meet Dawit late April early May.  We had never even imagined the possibility of being the parents of a preemie.  I doubt many folks do.  Through lots of prayers and lots of blessings we have adjusted to our second home, POD E in the NCCC at UNC Hospital.  The adjustment has been much easier than expected because Dawit has done so much better than we could have ever expected.  The Lord has truly blessed us every step of the way.


Right now Dawit is sleeping a couple of feet away from me.  He is hooked up to all his monitors and his bubble CPAP machine.  He was able to come off his CPAP on Saturday but by Sunday afternoon it was apparent that it was better for him to be on it longer.  The doctors made sure to stress to us that going back on the CPAP was not a set back.  They were surprised that he was able to go off of it, even for a day, so soon.  His bilirubin is a good level, and has been since early last week, so he has been off his UV light.  His feedings are going well and he is over his birth weight.  He has broken the 3 pound mark, though just barely. 

The plan for now is that he will stay in his cozy place in POD E and grow.  His feedings will continue to increase in volume and gradually he will be off his fat emulsion and TPN (total parent nutrition) fluids.  The bubble CPAP will continue to help his developing lungs, which he doesn’t mind exercising when he gets his nose suctioned or his diaper changed.  He is a strong young man and quite willing to share his preferences.  When I arrived Wednesday around noon his nurse told me that over night the nurse who was taking care of him had walked by him and checked on him only to find his bubble CPAP bubbling away, but not in his nose.  He had reached up and pulled his nose piece out and  was gripping it in his hand so tightly that the bubbles still worked.  Needless to say, he is not a fan of the CPAP!  Even though it means more work for is wonderful nurses, we’re glad he is fighter!




  1. Jon and Jess,
    Your little guy is a cutie! I am happy to hear that things are going so well!! I know that the NCC unit is an exhausting place to be (although I have never experienced it from the perspective that you are right now)…but it sounds like they are taking EXCELLENT care of your sweet Dawit.

    I always tell families that the journey through the NCC is most often a “2 steps forward/one step back” path…not as a discouragement, but just a realistic expectation…and on the days when it seems we are stepping back, it is just to prepare for the next TWO big steps forward!!

    I will be praying for Dawit, and for your stamina.
    If there is ever a way that a remote pediatrician (who happens to love tiny-premie babies) can help you….please do not hesitate to ask!!

    Michelle (and Chad) Timmons

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