Closer to Home

Yesterday, March 5th, was a big day.  There were some unexpected, but positive changes that occurred.  Sometimes you have to get into a situation before you can see the good that the Lord is working.

We were finishing our morning routine when we got a phone call from UNC NCCC.  Jon was in the shower and I was pumping so neither one of us answered either one of our phones.  As worry started to creep in, as to why the NCCC was calling us, I stopped pumping and listened to my voice mail.  Dawit’s nurse had called to let us know that a transport team would be arriving shortly and that he was being transferred to Western Wake Med (Wake Med Cary).  I immediately called Dawit’s nurse back to find out what was going on.  Days earlier we had talked with one of the residents about if they needed to transfer him to make room for a baby with a greater need that we were okay with having him transferred to Wake Med Cary.  We weren’t really kept in the loop, but apparently the need had gotten great enough and since Dawit is doing so well, he was heading to Cary.

Jonathan and I took this news with mixed emotions.  We were a little thrown off since we hadn’t recieved prior notice and we truely loved some of Dawit’s nurses.  We hated to have to leave our routine and we weren’t sure about the care he would be getting at Cary; we didn’t know any of those nurses. 

As we waited for the final word from UNC so that we could meet the transport team in Cary we slowly started to see the good in the situation.  It is a testament to how well Dawit is doing that he was a candidate for transport.  Since he is now in an isolet (think of the incubators you have probably seen before), off the bubble CPAP and gaining weight well, the level of critical care is less.   There was also great good in the fact that Cary is closer than Chapel Hill, even if only by ten minutes or so.  Also, the parking is free. 


Dawit’s transport went very well and he is adjusting well to the Special Care Nursery.  We’re adjusting also.  Because Wake Med Cary is a smaller hospital than UNC the atmosphere is much quieter and in some ways it seems a touch more personal. 


Sitting by Dawit’s isolet yesterday, watching his stats on a monitor we realized that God is continually blessing us in so many ways.  Dawit is growing and hitting mile stones and getting closer to coming home.  Until that time, we are comforted to have him in Cary, closer to home.




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