Baby Steps

 p1050417editEveryone warned us, but I still didn’t realize just how much this parenthood thing changes you. p1050411cropOur lives now orbit around a little 4 pound kid. Our daily routine and schedule, for now, involves when we will get to the hospital and how long we’ll be able to stay. We try to be there for at least two feedings a day. Before each feeding we get to check his temperature and change his diaper. Usually there is a discussion as to who gets to do what. Each time he makes a little progress it seems like a huge milestone for us. Last night he finally broke the 4 pound mark and today when we arrived he was out of the incubator and in a bassinet. His move to the bassinet p1050405signals that he p1050412has grown large enough to be out of the incubator but it also means that he is doing well maintaining his body temperature. He is still receiving a low flow of oxygen and his feedings through a tube, but again, each small step is a great accomplishment to us.



  1. I love these most recent pictures! We really do have to get up and see him before he’s crawling at the rate he’s growing and changing! Love you guys! (And thanks for the chicken delivery to the freezer).

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