Five Weeks and Counting

This Friday was another big day for the little man in our lives, Dawit.  March 20th (shout out to Kristin Sasser-Happy Birthday and Jack Bridges-Happy Birthday) marked the start of Dawit’s 5th week since his womb exodus.  He is considered to have a gestational age of 33 weeks.  In addition to this milestone Dawit threw a few surprises our way.  When we arrived at Wake Med Cary around 2pm we found out from Dawit’s nurse that he had eaten 20ml from a bottle at lunch time.  He apparently was having a small hunger tantrum so the nurse decided to try a bottle.  At his 3 o’clock feed we were surprised to have him nurse for 15 minutes.  The lactation lady decided to have us try a nipple shield to see if Dawit could get a better latch and get the goods he was looking for.  We knew he had a good appetite, it was just a matter of getting him to understand where his meals are really coming from.   We have also been getting good reports about his O2.  The flow on his cannula has been weaned pretty heavily and most days he is doing fine at 25ml/hour.  One of the nurses actually had him off his oxygen for a good part of one morning.  Perhaps by the start of his 6th week he will be sans cannula!

We could not be happier about his progress.  Keep up the prayers, we know it makes a difference!


 look-at-those-legs-resize little-man-resize-for-blog silly-bug-edit monkey-man-resize new-hat-and-blanket-2-resize photos from 3-15-09 thru 3-20-09


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