Turning the Corner

p1050518Dawit is doing well. Early this week he took a sudden and dramatic turn for the better. There is more and more talk about getting us ready to take him home, but we’ll get to that in minute. For the past two months our lives have revolved around this little guy and this blog has reflected that. We haven’t reported at all on our work in Ethiopia.


Of course the work continues with or without us. God is really the one at work in the lives of the kids and our projects. Below is an excerpt from TFC’s most recent update. Many of you have already seen this. Those of you who don’t get these updates can go to www.theforsakenchildren.org to sign up to receive them.


First off, our trip to Chencha, Ethiopia (site of the Kota Ganate Agriculture Project) was filled with more than a few “surprises”, not the least of which was 4 flat tires and 4 nights of sick babies.

But finding Chencha to be a lovely place with wonderful people, beautiful weather, and great land for harvesting, it was unquestionably rewarding at the same time.  chencha-2009

While there, Children’s Home Ethiopia was able to hire an Assistant Project Manager, Terikine, who is very excited to begin work on the Kota Ganate Agriculture Project. CHE is blessed to have him join our team!

We left Chencha with the understanding that the government planned to survey the land given to CHE for Kota Ganate and hold a community meeting taking steps to insure that giving CHE the land will not negatively affect any farmers in the area. This process could take anywhere from 2 weeks to a few months.

Terikine cannot officially begin work until after the government gives the go ahead. Which, as you might imagine, is rather frustrating. We’re all anxious to get started with the good work!  But regardless of our own desire to speed things along, ultimately we’re trusting in God’s timing.

Living and working in Ethiopia is a continual test.

We have to constantly submit our plans and desires to the Lord and wait for His sovereign timeline.”

That’s the scoop on the Agriculture Project which is our focus. Things are still on track and moving forward.  copydaddymacjack2Meanwhile, Joe and Karyn are hard at work in the city with TFC’s projects there. They are also busy settling in and keeping up with the kids. The transition to life in Ethiopia has been challenging, but they are getting there. They have started a garden in their compound and bought a car to get around the city. They have started working with a brand new group of kids at the drop-in center in addition to the 90+ kids that are in school.


Back here in our world things continue to get better. Monday night Dawit tipped the scales at just over 5 pounds. p1050519hmmmm-resize After that it seemed like everything started falling into place. He started taking his feeds by bottle or by nursing. Today they took his feeding tube out. His breathing also improved. He has stopped having the constant dips in his blood oxygen percentage. They stopped the diuretic that helped keep his fluids regulated so that he could breath more easily. p1050521Over the next few days they will be decreasing the airflow through his cannula to see how he responds. The hope is that within the next few days they can remove the cannula, which means that he will be breathing on his own. They are taking things slow to ensure that he is ready. the-bunch-resize


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