These are the Days

Dawit after his bath

Dawit after his bath

Our apologies for not posting in some time, but as you can imagine we are adjusting to and loving every moment of having Dawit at home.  He as been at home with us for almost a month and things certainly have changed a lot.  Dawit has been growing so well that it is hard to imagine sometimes just how small he was.  He is a very laid back baby and really only starts to fuss and cry if it is meal time and the food comes a little too slow. 


Dawit hanging out in the shade, "helping" us at the garden

Dawit hanging out in the shade, "helping" us at the garden

It is such a blessing that we are both able to be at home with him right now.  I have several more weeks before I head back to work and leave Dawit in the care of Mr. Mom.  Jon is excellent with Dawit and I have no doubt that there will be many, many times in the future when I am totally the odd woman out!  Jon has been working on our garden and now that we have been getting a little rain (praise the Lord!) things are really starting to take off.  We have an abundance of leafy greens and we should be picking some sugar snaps by the weekend.  Jon finished the installation of the electric fence so we are keeping our fingers crossed that the rabbits and the deer will be deterred and that we will only have to battle the bugs for our share of the harvest!


Though we have been very close to home, even having days in which we don’t leave the house, we are still tied to the work in Ethiopia.  We are doing what we can to help support Jon’s brother and his wife who are in Addis Ababa with their two kids.  They are working with the Drop-In Center and hopefully sometime this year will be able to get the halfway home started.  Jon is planning a trip, hopefully, in August.  He wants to go for about a month and help get some things planted and work with Tarekegn, the assistant manager, to get things going in a good direction.  It is difficult to be so far away, but the work is still in the Lord’s hands.


Jess (Daddy Jon is finishing up his turn to sleep)

Dawit after his bath

Dawit after his bath

Relaxing with his favorite blanket

Relaxing with his favorite blanket



  1. What are you feeding that sweet Dawit? He’s huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praising God for his faithfulness and mercy!


  2. Oh my goodness! Dawit looks like a different baby entirely since just last week. Can’t wait to hang with him this weekend.

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