Going Down The Only Road I’ve Ever Known

Chencha at last! It was a long, rough road, but we made it without incident. I should say with only minor issues. It would be a rare thing to make a trip in Ethiopia without some problem. I was sick on the first day. Thankfully it was the shortest day and the roads were a little better. I only had to make one forced stop. It is a humbling thing to heave uncontrollably beside the road while a crowd of stranger’s encircles you. We stayed in a nice hotel in Awassa that night. After a short nap, while the others ate dinner, I felt better. Fatigue was our only malady on the second day. The kids hindered Joe and Karyn’s sleep; jetlag hindered mine. A little bunna (coffee) fixed the problem and we hit the road. We left the paved roads not long into our trip. The rest of the day we drove on hot, dusty, bumpy roads. It was slow going to say the least. Late in the day we had our only flat tire of the trip. Only one flat is truly a blessing on these roads. Joe and Karyn had 5 on their last trip to Chencha. You would’ve thought that Nega and I were on a NASCAR pit crew changing that tire. The people who lived there were very hospitable and allowed the kids and everyone else to sit under the shade of a nearby tree. We reached the top of the mountain just as the kids had reached their limits.

As we drove down that long, hard road I thought of all the roads we take in this life. Frost described it well when he spoke of his walk in the woods. He came to a point were two roads diverged. His choice was to take the well-traveled road or the “one less traveled by”. We all reach similar forks in the road in our own walks through this life. We must all choose whether we’ll follow the crowd toward the security of the well known or follow that lonely road in the hope of finding something wonderful at the end. This is the same dilemma that we as Christians face as we strive to maintain that “straight and narrow” road. Those well-worn paths are tempting and I’ve followed a few. I am certainly not on the only road I’ve ever known. God always seems to get me back to the road that He has chosen for me. Jess and I are standing at a fork in the road. We have been given a vision for the children of Ethiopia. It is a vision of hope and security in a hopeless and insecure land. However, as our family grows, our temptation is to seek our own “security” of a normal life in America. This month we are seeking God’s will for which road we should take. Please pray for us this month that we will focus on the vision and be willing to follow God down whatever road he leads.


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  1. We miss you “Aunt Jon.” All the way back to Addis Jack would ask “where’s aunt jon.” Can’t wait to see you again in Awass

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