Hittin’ the Road

We woke up even earlier than Dawit usually gets us up so that we could get on the road and get going.  Fortunately, Jon and I aren’t too worried about “making good time,” a concern that always helped shape family vacations as a kid.  We took our time, stopped for food, bathroom and wiggle breaks.  I think that this formula is what helped us make to Memphis in a good mood and with a happy toddler, oh and a lot of prayers.  Here are just a few of the highlights from our trip across North Carolina and Tennessee.  Thanks to our wonderful friends the McGugans for letting us stay with them. We wish we could have had longer to visit.

Tomorrow morning (May 8th) we will start out early again and make our way to Paint Rock, Texas where we will be meeting up with Water for All.



  1. We LOVED having you guys there. Welcome anytime!
    Make sure Aunt Karyn checks out that last photo. 😉
    He picked up the UK one first, then right to the Arsenal after that!

    Love you guys!

  2. In ONLY 2 days, Mr McGoo managed to brainwash Dawit!! WHY OH WHY didn’t he go for the UofM hat. Arsenal is great! UK, BOO!!!

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