1500 Miles From Home

1503 is how the odometer reads. I am now sitting beside the Concho River in Paint Rock, Texas. Jess and Dawit are in the house recovering from a brutal three and a half days on the road.

We left Memphis bright and early yesterday morning after resting up with the McGoos for a day. As we crossed over into Arkansas I half expected to see Noah floating down the Mississippi. It seems that the “Big Muddy” has an appetite and Eastern Arkansas is its favorite snack at the moment. Before reaching Little Rock we were detoured 50 miles north to avoid a swollen tributary.

The boy was a trooper once again. Our finicky air conditioner decided not to work yesterday, which wasn’t too bad in Arkansas. It was a little muggy, but the clouds kept the temperature bearable. However, when we reached Texarkana the big Texas sun broke out and stayed with us the rest of the day. Dawit only fussed once. After 12 hours of hot, sticky misery he woke up from a ten minute nap just in time to let his hard headed father know that it was time to cut our losses and break for the night. Why not enjoy a clean, air conditioned room while we are still stateside? We won’t have that luxury in Ethiopia.

Jess battled her head cold all night, but us boys slept like rocks. The alarm had no affect on me this morning. I didn’t wake up until Dawit crawled into bed with me at 6:45 am. My mandate of “up at 6:00 and on the road by 7:00” turned into up at 7:00 and on the road at 8:00. Nevertheless we made it to our final destination a few hours later and the air conditioner worked the whole way.

Terry was here to greet us when we arrived. After a quick tour of the house, the ranch, and the town he treated us to burgers at the local grill and then left us to settle in and relax for the day.

The real reason Dawit did so well in the hot car…Dairy Queen!



  1. We miss you guys!! Glad you made it and look forward to hearing about the continued well drilling training!

  2. I am so sorry I missed you guys! I really wanted to see you before you left, but nursing school has taken over my life. I even feel like my kids are being neglected:) Is this an indefinite trip? I hope to see you when you visit back in the USA. Your doing the Lord’s work. I will be praying for you often. Take care!!!!


  3. Great update on the trip, we miss you all bunches, just ain’t right around here 😦 without mr bigs and his mom and dad. take care of each other, our prayers continually for God to be Glorified with your sacrifice. gb

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