Fishing the Concho

We got a little much needed rain today, which kept it cool for a hard day of drilling. While Dawit and Jess headed into the big town of San Angelo for grocery shopping, Terry and I got started drilling. The hole was already about 8 ft. deep and at the end of the day we had added only 3. We went through gravel, rock, sand, and clay until we finally hit more gravel. We think that this gravel bed will have water. Tomorrow we’ll fight through a few more feet of gravel and test for water. If all goes well (no pun intended) we’ll be pumping fresh water out of this desert by tomorrow afternoon. Say a little prayer for us. My hands were beat to death today and tomorrow won’t be any easier.

Before dinner we took a little time to relax by the river. The fishing started slow, but ended with a bang. Dawit loved watching for turtles, catching grasshoppers, and harassing the bait fish. The fish weren’t bitting. Dawit had grown bored, so he and Jess headed to the house. I was about ready to through in the towel also, when I finally got a bite. It was a decent little gar. I went to show it off and when I returned a fish was biting on my other line. This was the big momma. The pictures speak for themselves.

One comment

  1. whoa! Big Momma is right! 🙂 Lovin all the photos!
    Keep up the bloggin! Doing great.
    Also we’d love to hear more about specifically what you’re doing there. What they’re teaching you that will lend helpful in Ethiopia, etc. (i.e. stuff I can tweet about, he he)

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