I can’t believe that we have already been in Texas five days.  I really thought that I’d be a little better about keeping up with posts but we have been so tired at the end of the day that it keeps getting pushed to the next day and then the next.  So, I wanted to at least put up some pictures so you know that Jonathan has been doing A LOT more than fishing.  Each day he and Terry Waller have been heading out to work on a well that they are digging on site.  They head outside between 8:30 or 9, they come in for lunch, head back out after lunch and work until at least 5 or 5:30.  I really feel bad some days because Dawit and I pass our time playing trains, fishing and watching Thomas or Curious George.  Each time we go and check on the guys they are dirtier and more tired than the last time.  For all that work they have managed to get down around 20 feet and are hoping to hit water.  This really is an excellent learning time for Jonathan.  It is also wonderful and very educational to talk with Terry and his wife who spent 20+ years in the field in Equatorial Guinea and Bolivia. Tomorrow some other folks with Water for All will be coming in and Jonathan and Terry will be back out pounding the ground hoping for water.

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