Worth Every Minute

Throughout our lives we play many different roles, wear many different hats, and live through many different seasons. Today I was reminded to count my blessings and embrace my current roles of wife and mother.

A young couple who works with Water for All came out to the property today and almost immediately I began to struggle with some strange emotions. I was struck with envy. As I looked at the couple, working together, I saw who Jonathan and I used to be. We worked side by side on a common goal. Now, as a mother, more often than not Jonathan and I undertake separate goals during our daily duties. I no longer fall in with Jonathan’s work and share a common experience but instead we come together at the end of a day to discuss each others events. Jonathan and I spent so much time together as a duo sometimes it is hard for me and our now trio.

After some time spent thinking I realized that this isn’t a bad thing, just a different one. Jonathan and I are still working on a common goal, just in different and individual ways. And though my private time has been replaced by time with a constant companion, my days of sleeping in have been replaced by an early morning snuggle and my intellectual conversations have been replaced with banter about big and little, I have to arrive at the conclusion that it is totally worth it.


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