Workin’ Hard, Playin’ Hard

So we lost a little of our posting momentum but it certainly isn’t because we’ve gotten lazy.  Over the last few days we have managed to cram in a ton of work and fun (and some of the work has been fun).

Jonathan and Terry have been busy getting ready for the course that starts on Monday.  Jonathan spent most of his time in the shop making the parts for each of the participants.  He and Terry also took some time to check the flow rate of the well that was completed at the last course. Though this technically counted as work Jonathan loved tinkering the shop and honing his skills as a welder. I even took a turn on the grinder and helped make some awls.

Dawit and I ventured into San Angelo a couple of times this week and visited a great park, did some grocery shopping and got to know San Angelo a little better.  We did make it to the Target to get some new sunglasses.  We also played at home in the sprinkler and attempted some fishing.  Jonathan was our only successful angler but I don’t know that his catches actually count since they got caught up on an trotline. If nothing else he gets credit for going out in the boat and getting them off and  netted so that Dawit and I could check them out and take some pictures.  I also did some work around the house mowing, string trimming, and general cleaning to get ready for the course participants’ arrival.

We are enjoying our time here more than I think either of us imaged.  The area is nice and country just like we like it.  The Wallers are wonderful and Jonathan and I are both learning so much from them. God’s timing and placement is always so amazing to consider.  Jonathan is learning a great deal about all the facets of lost cost well drilling and we are both gaining a world of insight and information from veteran missionaries.

One last thing, in case you didn’t catch it on Facebook, Dawit got a major haircut!

A weeks worth of shop work for Jonathan (he had to make some of the parts)

close up of equipment for the course

Jonathan after checking the flow from the well dug at the previous course-15 gallons a minute!

Drinking from the sprinkler. Jonathan was pulled from his work to play with us!

serious splashin'

Dawit riding in the Polaris with his new shades on

Jonathan welding his first bit (it is big the pointy thing in picture of the equipment)

The questionable catches- a smallmouth buffalo and a common carp

Dawit's haircut before and after


One comment

  1. I’ve been enjoying the blog updates! Dawit is so adorable!! I used to go to the outlet mall in San Angelo (or nearby, I can’t remember exactly) when we lived in Killeen. It was so much nicer there than where we lived! lol.

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