When Opportunity Knocks

This past week was the climax of our time here. We helped host Water For All’s week long training course. Terry Waller and Kim Edlund led the course. The trainees for the course were a college kid from Colorado, a native Tanzanian, a missionary from Niger, and two Texas Baptist Men. I made sure that all the supplies were ready each day and assisted however I could in the field. They even let me lead the shop portion of the training. Jess helped Kathy, Terry’s wife, with all the cooking and cleaning for eight hungry and muddy men, in addition to her regular “Dawit duties.” Needless to say, by the middle of the week we were completely exhausted.

The last of our new friends left yesterday morning and the house seemed strangely quiet. We’ve spent this weekend avoiding the 109 degree heat and resting up from the week. It seems like we’ve been here forever and yet these three weeks have flown by.

As I listened to the sermon this morning at Southland Baptist Church I realized what a wonderful blessing this trip to Texas has been. The scripture was from Ephesians.

 “Be careful, then, how you live – not to live as unwise but as wise, making the use of every opportunity, because the days are evil.” Eph. 5:15-16

 We are glad that we took this opportunity to gain new skills, to gain new friends, and to gain wisdom from seasoned missionaries. I was afraid that this trip would be too much with so little time before our upcoming trip to Ethiopia. Instead, it has been just the thing to inspire us. We are excited more than ever about our opportunity to serve the people of Ethiopia.

Part of the crew at the very beginning of the work

Jonathan working

Jonathan really looking like he is working

Dawit "helping"

Dawit painting Jonathan's face with mud

pumping the finished well

water flow from the finished well


One comment

  1. Great week! we (dad and I) are so proud of the Jon Bridges family! God has set you apart to do a great work in His name and He never sends up unequiped, may God be Glorified! Jesus in LORD!

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