One Day, Three States

No worries, we did arrive in Indiana on Monday (we just haven’t posted due to some internet issues).  On our second day of travel to Indiana the A/C in the RAV4 managed to last from 7:30am until about 2pm, after that we rode in the afternoon heat with the wind in our hair, and our faces.  We really can’t complain. We have been blessed that the only auto trouble we’ve had from our poorly maintained vehicle with over 200,000 miles on it is that the A/C kicks off and leaves us sweating for a few hours.

We are comfortable and safe in Lebanon, IN.  We are staying with the Timmons family who have been incredibly gracious hosts.   Our stay here is leading up to Hope Fest on Saturday.  Jonathan will be doing a well drilling demo and he has been working on getting the last of his supplies.  Dawit is having a blast playing with the two youngest Timmons boys and checking out the Timmons’s goats, pigs and horse.  I’ve been filling in where needed and relaxing before we head back to NC at the beginning of the week.

Yesterday we headed into Indianapolis for the Strawberry Festival with part of the the Timmons crew and spent the morning enjoying some of the sites on the circle. The weather was perfect and the kids had a great time.

During our entire trip (TX and IN) we have been so blessed to be around such faithful folks who have fed us both physically and spiritually.  Though we have hated missing loved ones and some major events at home we know that God placed us in these areas for a reason.  Jonathan and I both have gained much insight and encouragement, just what we need as we finalize plans and head to Ethiopia.

Can you believe Jon didn't let us stop at this exit. It has everything!

We made it out of OK and to Missouri. We paused for a family picture.

The Gateway Arch as we left Missouri

No sign for Illinois, but we got Indiana

Strawberry Festival

Our crew for the fest and the fare for the event...strawberry shortcake with berries, ice cream and whipped cream.

Dawit eating some strawberries

Dawit, Micah, Derek and Faith knocking at the door

Getting some wiggles out


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