Home is What You Make It

In a little over 3 weeks we have managed to make a home for ourselves here in Addis Ababa. As much as the separation was difficult it has ended up being a huge blessing that Jonathan left a month ahead of me and Dawit and found a house for us. In true Jonathan fashion when we arrived we had the sparse makings of a home already. So, we have spent a fair amount of time buying the bits and pieces to make ourselves more comfortable and to make life more like what we are used to in the states. More than pots, pans, bedding, furniture, etc. I have really been struck by how settled and at home I feel just having our family back together. It has also had a profound effect on Dawit as well. He is going to sleep more easily and sleeping better. Oh, and we started working on Dawit’s potty training and it is going really well so far-although it has only been a day!

I have also found that my day whether in the states or in Ethiopia goes pretty much the same. There is always plenty of cooking, cleaning, laundry and playing to fill the day. Our routine is slowing working itself out and once I begin language school, November 7th, we will have a definite routine.

We’ve all enjoyed getting to spend time with the kids at the Half-way Home, the Onesimus staff and the kids at the Drop-in Center. Of course we miss our family and friends in the states but it is a wonderful feeling to have “family” and friends here in Ethiopia. It is also such a comfort to have a home sweet home. We are truly blessed.

Compound area

Front porch complete with drying laundry

Living room and dinning area

Our bedroom

Bathroom complete with temperamental hot water heater

Dawit's room

Dawit's room 2

Wash area

Wash area

Our kitchen-at the end of the day when it is all clean

Roses from our compound




  1. Thanks for showing the pictures. I will show them to Sam too. Tell Jon that Stella is leaving today to go to Texas to be near her mother. Things are the about the same at the store. “Boss” trying to keep the time down and “trying” to keep them working! ha! We miss your smiling faces, but I know that there are people there that will enjoy them also. Love you and Miss you!!

  2. YAY!!! We are going to be in y’all city for a week in Jan! Lets see if we can’t get together! We’ll email ya!

  3. Jess, you are such a good wife and mom, you always make your family’s home sweet, where ever you go 🙂 i beleive that is a gift God hasg given you. I am blessed you are my son’s wife and grandson’e mom. I miss you all so much….. … i pray God’s blessing on your new home and your familyin Ethiopia…wish i could say i’ll be in the city in Jan. maybe Jan 2013???? I’m praying for it anyway… Maybe Bigs 4th BD wouldn’t that be fun. love you all mom b

  4. Your home is beautiful! I must agree with you, although your month separation was hard, Jon did a wonderful picking out a home for his family. Of course it was sparse, his helpmate hadn’t arrived just yet to put the finishing touches. Think of you guys everyday. Turning left on Wade and not seeing your Rav 4 parked at your mom’s brings a huge smile and a warm knowledge that your family is submitting to the call of the mission field. Thank you for being a radical christ follower! I love you, Denise

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