Skipping Town

A little over two weeks ago, we skipped town. I told a few folks, but for the most part we knew we’d be heading south and that was all that mattered. If you ask Jon he will tell you that there are no redeeming qualities about the big city. I, on the other hand like a hot shower once and a while. He doesn’t really care if he has the creature comforts or not, but he and I can agree that the air in the city is dirty and that it just isn’t the country.  So, on the afternoon of May 23rd, we loaded in the car with our friend Misty Bodkins and followed a van of other friends (John and Celie Ozier and Shad and Ainsley Berry) down to Yetebon, just outside Butijira to visit Project Mercy ( .  After spending two days there, we loaded back into the car to continue south another 6 hours to Chencha. In Chencha we spent some time making plans for our move and enjoying some greenery and clean air. Dawit was ready for grass and horses (that is seriously all we heard about on the way down). Here are just a few quick glimpses at our time enjoying the beauty of rural Ethiopia.

This donkey at Project Mercy was incredibly patient. Dawit thought it was so cool that he got to sit on the donkey. He also sat/rode in the cart.

The ladies working on sorting this corn probably never expected to have such an excited “helper.” Or to have such a large audience. @ Project Mercy

Dawit is enjoying his reward for being a “super hero.” The girls accidentally locked their bedroom door and there was no key. We lowered Dawit (the only one who would fit through the small opening) through a bathroom window onto the toilet. He stepped down and walked through and unlocked the door. It is amazing how cheese crackers can motivate. Before the cheddar bunnies were mentioned he didn’t want to go through the window. Look at the enjoyment on his face! @ Project Mercy

Dawit really enjoyed playing with the cushions for the sofa and love seat at the guest house in Chencha. We had to build several towers.

It is hard to believe that in March these chickens were the little chicks peeping in our living room. Now they are all about 2kgs (4lbs 7oz).

Dawit and Tarekagn are discussing the finer points of poultry production. Dawit is pretty serious about chickens.

The new hatchery building. Just like the chickens, this building project has grown immensely since March.

Dawit found the creek and of course had to splash. We were prepared with rain boots, we just didn’t expect he’d get quite so muddy.

Right now we are quite the attraction in Chencha. There aren’t a lot of foringies (white people) that spend a lot of time hanging out in Chencha. We’re praying that once we’ve been there a while the “paparazzi” will die down.

I don’t think this sheep knew what was happening. Dawit just knew it was fun!

We hiked up to the waterfall in Chencha. Dawit had a blast throwing rocks in the water and we all enjoyed the beautiful view. (not the best photo but it is difficult to orchestrate our entire group) Misty is on the far left along with Britta who flew down to enjoy Chencha for a few days.



  1. I am so proud of all that you are doing and what God is going to do through you and in you…God bless you, all three, you are in my prayers….Love and prayers…..Moree

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