A Quiet Tuesday

I love a quiet day. Even better is a quiet day at home. Admittedly, if I have too many quiet days at home I get a little stir crazy but a few now and again are a wonderful thing.  Yesterday, we moved out to the Christian Missionary Fellowship compound just outside of Addis. We’ll be staying here, hopefully, just long enough to finish the renewal of Jonathan’s work permit and our residencies. It is a beautiful compound with many western comforts so the main reason we want to leave is because we are ready to be settled in Chencha. It is a nice sunny day and Dawit is able to run, jump (there is a trampoline at the compound) and play with the other kids here so he is thoroughly enjoying himself. Jon is not in Addis so he is happy. Baby Girl has us and plenty of my milk so she is happy.  All this makes me happy. The peacefulness of this setting and the contentment of my family gives me time to stop and do something I should do so, so much more than I do—count my blessings. I count my family as my biggest blessing. We are all healthy and capable.  We have been blessed financially, especially when looking at our current setting and the world as a whole. We have been blessed with safe clean places to stay during our time away from our home in Chencha. We have an abundance of food and clothing. We have friends who share our passions. We have a car to use to get around the city and to drive to Chencha. And, of course my greatest blessing we celebrated a couple of days ago. I serve a risen savior who paid the price for my sins. Taking time to actually write out just a few of the ways the Lord has blessed me has given me great peace today.

A view from the compound

A view from the compound

Dawit playing on the trampoline (he is in the Spiderman costume).

Dawit playing on the trampoline (he is in the Spiderman costume).




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