Legal, Healed, and Headed Home

I imagine we looked like a bizzaro version of the Clampetts leaving Addis Thursday with our belonging piled high in the back of our car.  Almost all of our stuff was packed into bags, some plastic baskets and tubs and a trunk. I picked up my temporary residency identification card Wednesday which meant the whole family was back in the good graces of Ethiopian immigration. With all that taken care of we were ready to head to Chencha, finally.

We stopped in Soddo, about two hours from Chencha, to let the kids rest and so Jonathan could take advantage of the health care at the Christian Hospital. For the past week Jonathan has been battling a swollen knee from unknown causes. He was unable to walk without crutches and also unable to drive.  So, for the first time I drove the six hours down to Soddo. Battling huge pot holes, wandering animals and oblivious pedestrians we made it to Soddo around dinner time on Thursday. Jonathan headed over to the hospital after the kids went to bed and had his knee x-rayed.  

Last night we shared a pot luck dinner with the families who live here on the hospital compound. Most of them are American Doctors who work here. Several of those happened to be Orthopedists, one of which is quite renowned, certainly the best in Ethiopia. Around the dinner table they checked Jonathan’s x-rays and poked and prodded on his knee as they puzzled over what the problem could be. Finally they told him to go to the hospital in the morning and they would take another look at it.

This morning Jonathan found one of the doctors, who drained the fluid and gave him a cortisone shot. Immediately, for the first time in almost a week, he could walk again without the aid of crutches. He’s not ready to go kicking soccer balls just yet, but at least he received some much needed relief. The cause is still unknown.

Now that we are all healed and rested we will finish our trip to our house in Chencha. We are long overdue to be settled. We are also ready to make some improvements to our house. Jonathan is planning to build on an outdoor kitchen and a patio. He also will build his workshop (I think he may be most excited about this).



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