Arat Wer (4 Months)

I actually had to count it out the other day. That’s how long it has been since we moved down to Chencha. I had to count because we feel like we have been there much longer.  We have settled into a more regular routine and things that seemed challenging or different when we first arrived are now common and part of what we call normal.

We’re also seeing things progress with the project. It seems like each day there are changes to the land that get the project closer to its goal.

We feel so richly blessed to be surrounded by such beauty and such wonderful people. Now that we are feeling more settled and Jon’s knee is healing we are looking forward to finding more discipleship opportunities and missions beyond the farm.


Our new kitchen. With the addition of the kitchen we were able to give Dawit his own room and clear out our living room.


Our new living room. We have been without living room furniture for two years. It is so nice to have a place for visitors to sit and for us to relax in the evenings.


Apple blossoms. This apple tree is just outside our kitchen door. We are hopeful to have some apples in 2014.


The rows of dark spots in the field are new holes for apple and pear seedlings. Some late rains have delayed the planting, but in the coming weeks we will plant an seedling in each hole.


The chickens have grown and are ready to be shifted again to an area with nest boxes.


New chicken feeders built by Jonathan and Aregahegn. Jonathan is excited to be active again now that his knee is feeling better.


The old pump jack was difficult to use for folks shorter than Jonathan. So, Jonathan fixed a new handle that makes pumping much easier. We will be using the well a lot now that the rainy season has ended.


There always needs to be time to play! Dawit was excited to have his daddy and our friend (and guard at the farm), Tesfaye, to play frisbee with him. Baby Girl watched from a safe distance.



  1. My thought was that there one would place a great emphasis on the beauty of Creator God. In America, we place more emphasis on the beauty of our man-made homes. But God, and His touch and breathtaking beauty deserves greater glory and honor! We love the pics…they bring you home to us 🙂 or us to your home! We want to one day make that trip. Love, Jerry, Dee, Esther, Jency, and Jacob.

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