A Year of Growth

If there is one thing I love about the New Year, it is the chance to look back and see the big picture of what God has done in our lives throughout the past year. While we are in the middle of it our focus is so narrow that we don’t see all the ways that God is working in and around us. As we were in the midst of the year it sometimes felt hectic, sometimes challenging, other times it was exciting and relaxing. Yesterday I looked through pictures of the past year and one word kept coming to mind – growth. I couldn’t see it until now, but in the end everyone and everything around us grew.

Collage of Baby Girl - January - December

Watching this one develop through her first year was certainly a treat. She is a little bundle of personality, usually smiling and laughing. She has just started walking and she loves to clap and wave, but the thing she loves to do the most is to follow Dawit wherever he goes.

Dawit collage

Dawit has done his share of growing as well. Since his 4th birthday in February he has become quite the nature explorer. At our home in Chencha he loves nothing more than to search for new bugs, to find tree frogs in the Enset, and to identify all the birds on the farm. He has been a traveler his whole life and this year was no different. He has been from the US to Ethiopia, traveled within Ethiopia, and then closed the year with a trip to Uganda. He has become quite adept at making friends quickly and easily, but the special thing about Dawit is that he seems to remember all the friends he makes. Even if he only plays with a kid for a day or two, he may ask us about them months later and if they ever meet again he picks up right were they left off.

Chickens before and after

We have also had some big developments on the farm this year. The chicks that we got in early June grew up nicely and started laying eggs in November.

Picture of incubator

With this incubator which was imported from Uganda we are ready to start hatching chicks.

Apple orchard before and after

The farm grew in other ways as well. We expanded the apple/pear orchard to cover almost the whole property. What was bare fields at the beginning of the year is now growing apple trees.

house collage

We can’t close this post without mentioning our little house in Chencha. It has gradually transformed into more and more of a comfortable little home.

We have officially entered into 2014 and we are excited to see all the ways that we will grow this year. Happy New Year!



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