Getting Back on Track

It has been an embarrassingly long time since we posted to our blog. But, in an effort to keep folks more up to date with what is going on with us, we are updating info and planning to post more frequently. Obviously, some of our posting ability is out of our control with the wacky internet but we will do our best.

So…what have we been up to lately? We spent the a couple of weeks in the capital city, Addis Ababa. Part of living as an expat means being keenly aware of the expiration dates of vital documents. Jon and I renewed our passports in July and so we had to head back to the US Embassy to pick them up. With our new passports we headed to immigration to update our residence per to the date of Jonathan’s work permit. Once that was finished we headed back to the US Embassy the next week to start the process to renew Carter’s passport that expires in January. It’s amazing how navigating  bureaucratic offices and paper work makes you feel as though you have accomplished a month’s worth of work.


Member care and cheesecake!

We also checked in with our member care friend, Misty Bodkins. She headed to Ethiopia to check in on us after having spent a couple of months in Uganda doing trauma care training. She is always such a blessing to our family and it is encouraging to have her be here on the ground with us to make sure we are coping well. She knows us very well so she can easily pick up on any hidden challenges we may be facing. She is also a great listening ear. Check out her ministry at

YooYoo Gifaata selfie

Teka, Jess, Michelle, Drew and Bekalu with Wolaitta colors behind

After leaving Addis we headed down to our old tromping grounds in Soddo. It helps to break up the trip to Chencha for the kids and it gives us a chance to catch up with friends. We arrived during the week of the New Year for the Wolaitta region where Soddo is located. It was such great experience to see some cultural dancing and other performances…even if we were escorted to VIP seating because we are foringe.

Yoo Yoo Gifaata stage

Main stage


YooYoo Gifaata crowd

Wolaitta New Year is kind of a big deal


We are now back home in Chencha.  This is the time of year when the rains are not as frequent and the days are sunny and breezy. It is also nice to be home for some of the birds that are in their breeding plumage. We have a Pin-tailed Whydah (Vidua macroura) male that is often seen displaying for the females in front of our house. It is fascinating to watch.

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